The Source

Silent Waters Will Not Always Run Deep

July 11, 2013

Silent water runs deep, as the old proverb goes. But, nowadays, running water is all that matters. Water is a prized resource for the simple reason that humanity cannot live without it. But ineffective management […]

Product Review

Tax Form 2290: How it Works

July 10, 2013

Tax season is one of the times businesses dread the most. If you have a company involved in managing a fleet of trucks, now might be the time to know about tax form 2290. Importance […]

Health Watch

To Start a New Life, Quitting is the Only Option

July 9, 2013

Alcohol addiction comes with severe complications, which at times can be difficult to control. This has destroyed many families, led to financial impairment, and affected both physical and psychological health of alcoholics. If you know […]

Smiley Service

What You Need to Know about Inventory Management

July 8, 2013

Every industry deals with stock shared, including its records and safekeeping. This is why stock management, storage and logistics, and monitoring are important in the business’ workflow. It shows what you have on hand, where […]