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Accessories: Taking Your Outfit to the Next Level

August 8, 2013

Looking fashionable is not just about wearing designer clothing and shoes. Even though you’re just wearing t-shirt and jeans, you can still look chic and elegant. By just incorporating little additions to your overall outfit, […]

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Planning Your Next Group Trip to Costa Rica

August 7, 2013

Costa Rica is one of the must-visit countries in South America. Its tropical climate and scenic natural attractions make it an ideal travel spot for tourists from around the world. While it’s a popular destination […]


The Bad Reverse Mortgage Problem

August 5, 2013

For many seniors, the home they own is their biggest investment. It’s their lifesaver when money gets tight. For one thing, they can use the home’s equity by taking out a reverse mortgage home loan […]

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Road Accidents and Their Alarming Consequences

August 1, 2013

Fatal crashes on New Orleans roads happen frequently. With not less than 10 people involved in road accidents each day, the trend has hit alarming margins. Worse, many cases still go unreported even with the […]

Product Review

Open Up New Design Choices for Your Door

July 31, 2013

A home’s main entrance reveals much about its inhabitants. The front door, in particular, provides a great opportunity for homeowners to express their own personal style. Why not make the most of it by purchasing […]