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A Timeline of American Divorce

January 30, 2014

Divorce law in the American colonies varied from one region to another, depending on the religious tendencies of the founding colonists. England kept a tight lid on American divorce, and deterred states from enacting the […]

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Rhino Killings In South Africa Doubled In 2013

January 21, 2014

Last week, a hunter’s payment of $350,000 to hunt a black rhino in Namibia made the rounds online and sparked a massive uproar, resulting in death threats against the hunter. That, apparently, was just the […]

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Muslim Brotherhood Named Terrorists By Egypt

December 29, 2013

The military-supported interim government in Egypt declared the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist outfit on Wednesday and accordingly intensified its arrest and prosecution campaign against the group’s members. Through this declaration the Egyptian government has […]

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Spaceship Docks At ISS

September 30, 2013

With the Soyuz capsule docking successfully at the International Space Station early on Thursday, the crew at the orbiting laboratory grew to six. The three astronauts, one from America and two from Russia traveled six […]

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Water Under the Hood: Dealing With a Water Damaged Car

September 13, 2013

Flooding can cause serious problems to cars. Apart from dealing with a moldy and smelly interior, you also need to worry about mechanical and electrical damages. Some water damaged cars can be salvageable, while others […]

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In a Nutshell: The Story of the Ford Mustang

September 10, 2013

No other car model has embodied America’s fascination for sports-coupe cars than the Ford Mustang. For many years, it has been the symbol of class, speed, and quality driving experience. Over the years, it has […]