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Water Under the Hood: Dealing With a Water Damaged Car

September 13, 2013

Flooding can cause serious problems to cars. Apart from dealing with a moldy and smelly interior, you also need to worry about mechanical and electrical damages. Some water damaged cars can be salvageable, while others […]

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In a Nutshell: The Story of the Ford Mustang

September 10, 2013

No other car model has embodied America’s fascination for sports-coupe cars than the Ford Mustang. For many years, it has been the symbol of class, speed, and quality driving experience. Over the years, it has […]

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Three Signs your Vehicle is a Total Scrap

July 25, 2013

Like most car enthusiasts in New Jersey, chances are you probably have a non-working vehicle sitting in your garage. You may probably consider bringing it to a mechanic and see if they can restore it. […]