Product Review

Whatever the Weather, There’s a Weatherboard For You

July 16, 2015

Weatherboards were traditionally manufactured from locally sourced timbers. Today, however, advances in construction materials have introduced weatherboards made from a variety of materials. Below are some of these: Timber Weatherboards These come in a broad […]

Power Flushing
Product Review

Power Flushing Myths and Legends

May 28, 2015

There are not very many things in the plumbing industry that can hold a person’s genuine interest for very long. Fortunately, a select few things within this line of work are not just interesting, but […]

Anti-Reflective Glass
Product Review

Save Money and Impress with Anti-Reflective Glass

May 25, 2015

Glass is a popular material for construction and decoration. Architects choose glass for certain structures because it doesn’t interfere with the design. It is transparent and has the unique ability to divide areas without obstructing […]