Make Your Swimming Pool Safe and Secure

home swimming poolMany homeowners realize only too late that their swimming pool can be a great source of danger for their loved ones. Instead of taking chances, you are better off taking safety measures. While swimming pools make a great addition to the home, they carry an element of risk.

Your pet might wander off unattended only to fall and drown. Installing a metal pool fencing from around the pool can ensure that you never come home to the heart-wrenching sight of your pet’s lifeless body floating in the pool.

Picking an ornamental fence increases not only pool safety but also the curb appeal of your home. Just be sure to get the slates spacing just right to avoid kids or pets squeezing through. Here are some additional ways to ensure swimming pool safety.

1. Get a pool cover

When designed and used correctly, pool covers will keep kids and even adults from falling into the pool. Most of these covers are made of UV-stabilized vinyl, polypropylene or polyethylene. You will have to spread the sheet on top of the pool and secure the edges.

The best variety can handle the weight of a grown up without tearing until they are fished out. Although pool covers are useful, they are a tad more involving than a pool fence.

You must take them off and reattach them before and after using the pool. However, they have the advantage of lowering the amount of water that evaporates from the pool.

2. Never leave the kids unsupervised

As a rule, you should never have kids by the pool by themselves as that is a sure way to invite a disaster. Always have a responsible adult keep an eye on them at all time. Be sure to run a rope supported by floats across the pool to mark the end of the shallow end and the beginning of the deep end.

Again, always insist that young non-swimmers wear floatation devices whenever they are in the pool. In such instances, it’s best to err on the side of caution.

Without adequate safety measures, your swimming pool can pose a grave threat to your household. However, ringing it with a fence, or using a pool cover lets it remain a safe and fun zone.