Treatments With the Dentist in Stevenage While Pregnant

Pregnant woman in a dentist appointmentPregnancy is a whole new ballgame for the body, as hormones that are normally in fairly low levels go ballistic and nutrients are used up to create organs and tissues for another being. There’s morning sickness to cope with for many women and so much to do to get ready for the baby, it can be easy to forget to fit in a trip to the dentist in Stevenage.

But don’t. If ever there’s a time that women need to get themselves to the dentist in Stevenage, it’s during pregnancy. The reason for this is that their teeth are more than usually at risk from gum disease due to heightened levels of the hormone progesterone in the mouth. Progesterone seems to make the bacteria that cause gum disease go a bit crazy and reproduce like mad, creating lots of plaque that gives off acid that causes gum disease. It’s called pregnancy gingivitis and women who have it can find their teeth coming loose and falling out later on. Not a good look. It’s easily solvable with regular trips to a dentist such as Smilecraft for a check-up and a really good scale and polish from the hygienist. There is no need to worry that this will affect the baby in any way.

Mothers-to-be might want to avoid having treatments they don’t really need during their pregnancy, for example, cosmetic treatment such as teeth whitening or having dental implants put in, but most general treatments are ok as long as they don’t occur during the first trimester or the last half-trimester of the pregnancy.

Then when the baby is born, the next thing is to instil good dental hygiene habits that will last a lifetime. Babies learn by watching and copying, so it’s important to give them positive experiences of coming to the dentist in Stevenage.

Why not bring baby along to parents’ and siblings’ appointments so that they can get used to the dental clinic environment before starting to have check-ups of their own? These should start not long after the first teeth come through, and the hygienist can also soon start teaching great toothbrushing skills.