Lessons in Love: the Dentist in Buckinghamshire

Dentist smiling with his team on the backgroundIt’s never too early to start children off on visits to the dentist in Buckinghamshire. Good oral health is based on habit, and learning good habits is best done when very young. The trouble is that children (and adults) can get stressed and anxious about visiting the dentist. About 40% of UK children do not visit the dentist each year.

A good dentist in Buckinghamshire will have their main focus on preventive dental care, with a mantra of ‘teeth for life’. Modern dental clinics, such as Garden View Dental Care in Beaconsfield, are keen for patients to bring in their kids as soon as possible. Babies can come to their parents’ appointments and get familiar with the clinic before they have their first examination.

Most dentists receive training in taking care of children’s teeth and how to treat children so that they are treated in a warm and welcoming environment where they feel at home.

Centre of Early Learning

One of the main aspects of paediatric dentistry is teaching children ways to look after their teeth and gums each day. A lesson from the dentist and hygienist is that good toothbrushing needs to be backed up by twice-daily practice and encouragement from parents at home. Hopefully, by the time the kids leave home, toothbrushing and going to the dentist for check-ups will have become ingrained habits.

The big problem for kids is the threat of decay. The dentist in Buckinghamshire offers various oral treatments to protect teeth from decay:


Fluoride treatments applied to teeth help harden the enamel to prevent decay. Decay is more prevalent in children because the enamel is still quite soft. A coating of fluoride on a child’s teeth makes the teeth more able to resist decay and the bacteria in plaque. Using fluoride in this way gives children’s teeth extra protection against a diet that is usually higher in sugar. Sugary drinks and snacks make up 10-15% of the diet of 4-10-year-olds.

Fissure Sealants

Kids can also get their teeth painted with a tooth-coloured plastic coating. This sealant goes into the grooves and valleys of the back teeth. Fissure sealants create a protective layer to stop food and plaque bacteria from becoming trapped in crevices.