Eco-Friendly Innovations and Additions for Your Home Renovation

home renovation of a kitchenAre you planning to expand or renovate your home in the near future? Be aware that using eco-friendly options for your home improvements is a very viable and profitable investment. Here are some ideas on how you can change your regular home into an environmentally friendly residence:

Installing Power-Saving Essentials

Invest in installing a few solar panels on either the roof, porch, or wherever the sun can reach them. Solar panels help provide additional power for your home as they store energy during the day. Additionally, you can replace your window panes with larger ones to allow more light into each room to reduce the use of electrical lights during the day. You can also opt to replace your original incandescent lighting with LED fixtures since they last much longer, they produce stronger light, and they are made of shatter resistant material.


It isn’t just about reusing and reducing waste. Recycling also refers to choosing reclaimed materials for your floors, roofs, fixtures, and furniture. Purchase wall panels made from partial or fully recycled wood pulp or other reclaimed materials. Authentic Provence says that recycled construction materials are often healthier because they’re rich in carbon, which can help clean the air in small, enclosed spaces, aside from being biodegradable. For a final touch, install refurbished antiques such as stone fireplace mantels and chandeliers.

Changing Your Furniture

Even your furniture and fittings can become environmentally friendly. Choose to purchase pre-loved goods that are still quite sturdy since they add a touch of character to any home. Thrift stores are great places to find secret treasures like old-fashioned chairs, tables, and dressers that are still classy and usable. Hot days can be combated with thick curtains. Purchasing a rainwater tank for those emergency baths or gardening sessions is also a good buy.

An environmentally conscious life doesn’t have to be costly or tedious. Since your aim is to be more energy- and cost-efficient, you’re also making wise, life-changing decisions. If you have the means to invest in these upgrades, do so willingly because you’ll be saving your budget and the planet at the same time.