3 Reasons You Always Wake Up in the Middle of the Night

Woman having a hard time falling asleepMany people have mastered the art and science of falling asleep in under a minute, only to wake up two to three hours after and fail to fall back into sleep again. There are many possible reasons you’re not able to sustain that restful slumber. Here are some of them and ways you can bust out of them:

1. Your Bedroom isn’t Sleep-Friendly

It’s either hot or cold. There could also be noise or a ray of light that woke you up. The first stage of sleep is the lightest, which means any change in the environment — let’s say, a roommate turning her bedside lamp on or closing the door — can cause you to wake up easily. It’s important to pay attention to temperature, noise levels, and light when sleeping.

Set your thermostat on the cool side. The exact temperature depends on the ‘cool’ you’re comfortable with. Note that the mattress can also affect the heat and coldness you experience, so better check out a mattress store soon. 2 Brothers Mattress and other Salt Lake City experts can give you advice on which materials are perfect for your desired sleeping environment. In terms of noise and light control, use earplugs and eye masks.

2. You Suffer From Anxiety

Anxiety-related issues, like racing heartbeats or nightmares, surely can wake up people in the middle of the night. In fact, some even experience nocturnal panic attacks. Others struggle with sleep paralysis, which prompts the fear of falling asleep and further adds to the anxiety problem.

In this situation, talk to your doctor. They’ll most likely recommend cognitive behavioral therapy to know what exactly is causing the mental health problem and how you can overcome it.

3. You Have Restless Leg Syndrome

That throbbing, itching feeling on the legs may be the reason you can’t sustain that slumber. You may be experiencing restless leg syndrome (RLS). Health experts haven’t established yet the cause of this health problem, but genetics seem to play a part. Nonetheless, there are many ways to manage this.

For instance, if you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall back to sleep again, leave your bed and preoccupy yourself with something until you feel drowsy. Getting a comfortable mattress and pillows can also help reduce episodes of RLS.

Tired of waking up in the middle of the night? These may be the culprits behind your dilemma. Bust out of them with the mentioned tips.