Basic Above Ground Storage Construction and Fabrication Tips for Business Owners

storage tanksThe competition in your niche should not derail you from the necessity of finding the right products and partners for your business. If you are in chemical manufacturing, product refining, or petrochemicals, the need for reliable storage tanks is imminent. A storage container that will last a lifetime should be worth the investment.

Different types of storage vessels

For liquid storage, you can choose from a wide array of storage tanks. There are eight different types, namely external and internal floating roof, fixed-roof, domed external floating roof, variable vapor space, pressure tanks, horizontal tanks, and liquefied natural gas tanks. Tank fabrication is an interesting science and a complicated process. There is no need to master it for you to make the best choice; however, there are a few relevant things to know.

Storage tank construction

It is important to know that storage tanks must be built based on the specifications of the American Petroleum Institute. The traditional method involves a step-by-step construction of the components. The body and floating plate construction must be spot on, and high-quality welding ensures that the structure is seamless and stable.

The standard choice of material is stainless steel because the metal withstands the effects of ultraviolet radiation, corrosion, and burning flame. For additional protection from leaks, a welded stainless steel tank should be your number one choice. The lining material will depend on the specific liquid that will be contained within the stainless steel tank.

Additional containment

Storage containers made from typically from stainless steel require a containment basin as additional external protection. If there is an accidental leakage or rupture of liquid, the containment casing is the first line of defense—a protective mechanism that will minimize damage to the environment and prevent hazardous fluid from harming people.

A custom metal fabricator can meet your needs. You can identify the most suitable type and the material for the structure with guidance from the experts. Long lasting, affordable above ground storage tanks are yours for the taking.