Worried about getting dental implants in Southampton?

Dentist cleaning teethDental implants in Southampton have wonderful life-changing benefits. So, it’s a real pity when people are put off coming for treatment because they have heard terrible tales about the insertion procedure. This is not to denigrate fear of the dentist in any way. Dental phobia is very real and affects about 13% of the population.

However, there are dentists offering dental implants in Southampton, Smilemakers Dental Implant Clinic being one, who have been trained in ways to take extra-special care of their anxious patients who want these restorations.

Dentists can do many things to put their patients at ease. Feeling relaxed starts with how the clinic feels when people come into it for the first time. Dentists can redecorate to make a calm and welcoming atmosphere. They put in comfy chairs, offer herbal teas, put beautiful pictures on the walls and plants on the reception desk.

The next thing people encounter is the reception staff, who need to be friendly and smiling to put people at their ease. Then there’s the waiting. Rather than sit and worry about what may happen, dentists can give patients things to take their mind off treatment. Crosswords to engage logical minds and colouring-in books, which have been shown to be very meditative.

Then there’s the actual procedure to get dental implants in Southampton. It’s not as bad as patients tend to imagine. There’s less pain than getting a root canal because the jawbone has fewer nerve endings than the teeth. A local anaesthetic easily numbs the area to remove pain, but it can’t remove anxiety. For that, patients need dental sedation.

Oral sedation

People can have dental implants in Southampton with oral sedation. This is sedation in tablet form, which is swallowed about an hour before surgery. It renders the patient deeply relaxed but still able to respond.

IV sedation

This is delivered straight into the bloodstream and is effective almost straightaway. It is easier to increase or decrease and renders the patient so deeply relaxed that they may sleep through the whole surgery.

Everyone who is nervous should request sedation. There’s no shame in being scared of the unknown.