Building a Boat Dock: 3 Things to Consider

Boat dock with blue chairs on topA boat dock is not only essential in keeping your boat safe. It also makes a great addition to a lakefront house since it can easily make your home look more aesthetically pleasing. Below are some tips for making your lakeside boat dock look perfect so that you know what to tell your boat dock maker in Rockport.

1. Stationary vs. Floating

There are two main types of boat docks, stationary and floating. Also known as a piling or permanent dock, a stationary dock is usually made of wood or concrete piles that sink into the lakebed. This is a great choice if you want an extremely strong and stable dock.

On the other hand, a floating dock gives you the advantage of being able to adjust it based on the lake’s water level. Being semi-permanent, a floating dock can be taken out for storage during the winter season.

2. Materials

Your dock manufacturer knows best the materials to be used for your lakefront boat dock, but it wouldn’t hurt to know yourself what would make your dock strong and versatile.

Most docks are made of pressure-treated wood, aluminum, and composites. Modified wood is a great choice for dock decking, as it’s really tough and aesthetically pleasing, too. It’s also moisture-resistant, making it last basically forever. Ask your dock maker if they can use this type of material and if it would be practical for your dock.

3. Hire a Pro

The best way to acquire a tough and exceptionally made boat dock is to hire a professional to do it. They would know what materials to use and how to do it perfectly. You definitely want your boat to be completely safe, which is why it’s essential to hire someone who can do the job right. Sure, you might have great DIY skills, but it’s still wiser to hire an expert.

Do your research and see some samples to see which one tickles your fancy. There are hundreds of designs that you can get inspiration from for your boat dock.

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