4 Signs of Broken Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs CheckYour garage door goes through a lot every day. It is the primary entrance to your home; therefore, it is prone to wear and tear. Besides, a faulty or broken garage door exposes your family members to danger.

You need to be on the lookout for signs of a broken garage door spring so that you can fix the problem before it worsens. Infinitegaragedoors.com.au cites some of them.

Loose garage door cables

Most homeowners cannot differentiate broken door springs from door cables. They assume that their cables are broken, whilst in reality, their garage door springs are broken. If the cables are slack or loose, it means the garage door springs are not working properly. Therefore, you need to hire garage motor technicians to replace or fix your garage door springs.

A crooked garage door

Crooked garage doors are usually caused by faulty extension springs located on both sides of the door. The extension springs pull the garage door independently. The door will appear crooked if one of the extension springs breaks because one side of the garage door will not move as required.

A visible gap in the torsion spring

The torsion system of your garage door is made of one or two torsion springs that are wound tightly over the door. When the springs break, they will unwind, leaving a visible gap. You need to contact a garage repair technician if you see a gap on the torsion springs so that they can fix the issue right away.

You hear a loud noise

When your garage door springs break, you will hear a loud bang that results from the displacement of an immense amount of energy. The noise can be alarming and some homeowners might think that someone is breaking into their homes. The best thing to do is call a repair technician to fix the door.

Your garage door might develop issues in five to ten years if you open it four to five times a day. Springs are the cause of most faults in garage doors. Now that you know the common signs of a broken door spring, make sure you call a repair technician once you notice any of these.