Can Your eCommerce Website Benefit from Motion Graphics?

graphic designer is drawingAnimating graphics doesn’t just make a website look good; it also improves the customer’s shopping experience. Here’s what the Denver’s animation expert One Floor Up has to say about using animation for an ecommerce site.

Visual Communication

Notice how a checkmark animation is similar to saying “Yes” and an animation of shaking one’s head communicates “No”? Did you also notice how animated bars are similar to the verbal way of keeping the customers updated through each phase of the buying process?

These visual cues are equivalent to non-verbal cues that we use in face-to-face communication. Animation, in this instance, keeps customers engaged in the process as they shop through your site.

3D Views

This is the equivalent of looking at an item and holding it in your hands to study its every detail. As online shopping lacks the opportunity for customers to see a product from different angles, 3D views presents a good enough solution.

With 3D views, a customer can see what it looks like from the side, the front, the back, top and bottom views. This makes it easier to sell an item as it creates a shopping experience that is very similar to being at a store where you can see the item in real life.


Page transitions that look soft and smooth are more pleasing to the eye, thus making browsing a more pleasant and comfortable experience for the customer.

Navigational transitions are accompanied by page links usually found at the top of the page. They keep customers from getting lost as they browse deeper into your site, allowing them to return to a specific page on the site with one click.

If you’re still asking if animation is worth the investment to improve your ecommerce site, the answer is a definite yes. Watch your sales increase by using animation in key areas of your site.