3 Spectacular Places to Explore When You’re in Door County

Places you can visit during your stay in Door County, WisonsinThere are plenty of reasons to put Door County on your bucket list. The Wisconsin county is ideal for any traveler as it offers a variety of activities, which will depend on the location you pick. For example, Fish Creek is North Door County’s shopping and recreation hub while Sturgeon Bay boasts of historic streets and plenty of fishing. Before you book your hotel room in Fish Creek, Sturgeon Bay, or elsewhere in Door County, check out these beautiful spots:

Cave Point County Park

Watch and be mesmerized as the water splashes and swirl beneath you. You’ll also admire the magnificent view of the area once you’re at the top of Cave Point. But if you’re coming with children, you have to be extra careful because this spot has no railings and it could be dangerous for them. This county park has magnificent underwater caves. While you’re here, you can even head down the water’s edge depending on the weather. During a storm, a spray of water can shoot up to 20 feet in the air.

Schoolhouse Beach

There are only five beaches of this kind around the world. Instead of sand, millions of small smooth stones are covering Schoolhouse Beach. You don’t need to keep washing the sand off your feet. The water here is crystal clear, particularly in summer, which makes it perfect for divers and swimmers. Schoolhouse Beach is on Washington Island, and you may have to take a ferry ride to reach it.

Cana Island Light Station

Door County is popular for its numerous lighthouses across the county. One of them is the Cana Island where you have to climb the tower’s 97 step spiral staircase that leads to the gallery deck. When visiting the lighthouse, it’s best to bring a pair of boots or any shoes that’s suitable for water and can protect your feet. Water sometimes flows over the causeway of the lighthouse due to the wind and the weather, but the management can provide a tractor and wagon ride if you don’t prefer walking. Summer is an excellent time to visit Door County. But fall or spring is also favorable as long as the weather is fine. The next time you visit here, make sure to drop by to these spots and be awed by their beauty.