Environmentally Friendly Modes of Daily Transport

Person Cycling on a RoadExperts are already hard at work to establish a human settlement on Mars. Until they become successful, however, we still only have Earth to call our home, so we should do our part to help save it. And one way we can do this is by varying, if not completely changing, the way we travel every day.

On foot

For short distances, traveling on foot is a very environmentally friendly means to get from one place to another. Yes, walking can take a lot of your energy, but it has many benefits. For one, it’s a great form of exercise. Walking is also economical, allowing you to save on transport costs like gas and parking fees.

When considering walking for transport, always plan ahead to determine the safest and fastest routes to your destinations.

By bike

Another body-powered – yet more energy-efficient mode of transport – is biking. Like walking, riding a bicycle is a great way to stay fit and healthy. Plus, it allows you to travel longer distances and carry heavier loads than by going on foot.

You can, for example, easily take your young ones with you to the supermarket three blocks from your house using a cargo kid bike you can buy from stores such as MADSEN Cycles. As with walking, plan in advance to know where you can safely ride a bicycle.

By vehicle

Of course, you can still use vehicles when traveling. You just need to make an effort to choose the more environmentally friendly options. For instance, you can take public transportation like buses and trains because these vehicles are capable of carrying a great number of people, which makes them fuel-efficient.

Driving your own car is also still possible, but you should consider carpooling or saving up for an electric or hybrid vehicle.

By making changes, however small, to the way we regularly travel, we can already help save Earth – still the only planet we can call home.