Skin Saver: 3 Simple Habits of People with Glowing Skin

Skin CareGlowing skin has been more elusive than ever. With air pollution growing worse, stress at work not subsiding anytime soon, and the hormones just keep getting wilder every time Aunt Flo visits, breakouts and bad skin had just become more frequent. Then again, there’s that office colleague of yours who just always has that flawless, glowing skin to flaunt. What’s the deal?

No, it’s not in the expensive skin care products. The difference most probably lies in their habits. More or less, these are the routines people with glowing skin follow:

They wear sunscreen.

The sun isn’t exactly the forgiving type when it comes to the skin. The ultraviolet light causes brown spots, which can sometimes be mistaken for freckles. Why the brown spots? According to dermatologists in Salt Lake City, sun exposure prompts the body to produce more melanin to fight ultraviolet light damage. If there’s an overproduction of this chemical, it results in some skin areas appearing darker, thus the brown spots.

People with glowing skin avoid such by wearing sunscreen always — and re-applying every two to three hours. If you want your sunspots to be removed, you may go to a dermatologist. Salt Lake City health experts often recommend chemical peels and lasers for treatment of such spots.

They don’t skimp on the moisturizer.

A good moisturizer protects your skin from dullness and dryness. It also acts as a protective barrier from pollutants, while improving skin tone and hiding flaws. People with glowing skin have the habit of applying moisturizer after a bath. Make it a personal practice, as well. Don’t forget to use a cleanser, though, to make sure you remove the dead skin cells.

If you’ve been struggling with dry skin for quite some time, and moisturizers don’t help, see your doctor immediately so they could examine your skin condition.

They remove makeup.

People with glowing skin often do away with makeup, or if they do put on some, they make it a point to wipe them off thoroughly before sleeping. Not just because it’s lighter on the face not to have something on, but to prevent skin damage as well.

When you take your beauty rest, the skin repairs itself from the damage from the sun and other environmental factors. Leaving makeup on your face prevents that process. Moreover, as most makeup products are made of oily substances, it may very well clog pores and cause breakouts. Remember the habit: Remove your makeup before sleeping.

The secret to a glowing skin isn’t about expensive products. It’s in the diligence in following good skin care habits.