Things a Parent Can Do to Keep a Child Calm During a Dental Visit

A young boy about to undergo a dental procedureFor an adult, going to the dentist is not always a pain, but it can be a nerve-wracking experience. Anxiety levels are usually high due to past experiences.

When bringing children along, they can pick up on this anxiety and make it their own. Southridge Pediatric Dentistry recommends taking children to a kids’ dentist in Herriman, where the staff is trained to handle young patients.

Making Them Feel at Home

Children are naturally anxious about a dental visit. It’s a place where a stranger asks them to open their mouth and keep them open while he pokes around the teeth. Kids have a limited understanding of what is happening. What is worse it that they can see ambivalence in adults around them. The adult’s own personal fears rise up and this can be felt by children.

The simplest way to deal with children’s fears is to start them young. They should have their first dental visit at one year old, just when the first milk teeth erupt. Bi-annual visits help children become comfortable in the clinic. In addition, the children can do with a dry run or a meet and greet where they will visit the dentist a day in advance of their schedule. This allows the children to meet the dentist without the need to sit on the chair.

Choosing a good pediatric dentist can also help. This professional has taken several more years of study to specialize in children.

On the Chair

A child can sit on the parent’s lap while undergoing the dental exam. This adds a layer of security for the child. If that is not possible, the parent can assist by holding the child’s hand during the examination. At the same time, the parent should refrain from talking too much and let the dentist and the child interact. This can help the dentist bond with the patient and develop a sense of trust.

A dental visit doesn’t need to be a traumatic experience for the child. With help from the pediatric dentist and the parent, the child can relax and understand that there is nothing to fear.