What to Expect with the Network Plus N10-007 Exam

man with hands behind his head, standing in front of network data centerMost employers require their IT employees to have skill certifications. Many accept CompTIA certificates. To keep up with the changes in IT, CompTIA rolls out new exams every three years. The Network+ test is no exception.

The Network plus N10-007 rolled out earlier this year, replacing the current one. The exam is still available until the end of August 2018. That is for the English version. Non-English speakers can take other language versions until end of January 2019.

If you are a networking professional who will take the exams and want to know what to expect from the new exam, CertBlaster gives a brief overview.

More Domains

The new exam covers more domains than the old one. One of these deals with critical security issues. Another is on best practices and models for cloud computing. Two other new domains are new hardware and virtualization technologies as well as network resiliency.

Same Format

Nothing much changed in the format of the new exam. Test takers just have the one exam and still have 90 minutes to answer a maximum of 90 questions. The questions are a mix of multiple choice, drag and drop and performance-based. The passing score is still 720.

The new exam is slightly more expensive at $302 compared with $294 for the old exam before March 2018. However, if you take the old exam now, it is still for $302.

Recommended experience

Test takers should have A+ certification and at least nine months experience working with networks before taking the old exam. With the new one, they should have A+ certification and 9–12 months experience in networking support or IT administration.

It is a slight but significant difference. Test takers will have a better chance of passing if they already deal with many of the new domains covered in the new exam.

The new Network plus N10-007 certification exam covers much more ground than the old exam. If you plan to take it, you should take the time to take review classes. It will give you a better chance of passing it the first time.