Is Your Car on Warranty? Here is Why You Should Service at the Dealership

man shaking hands with sales agent in car dealershipBuying a new car straight from the dealership is always a good idea. There is the warranty, to begin with, and all the after sales service that will definitely make you a happier car owner. This is especially so if your dealership offers regular maintenance and servicing to cars on warranty.

The problem, however, is taking Volkswagen commercial vehicles or just any car back to the dealership for mundane maintenance might be an inconvenience. It might even be impossible if you don’t live near the dealership that sold you the car.

Going to Just Any Other Mechanic

You may choose to service your car at any qualified individual mechanic without voiding your warrant. You will need to keep all the receipts as proof of regular maintenance. You will need these to show that you didn’t neglect your car.

Going Back to the Dealership Perks

Even though an independent mechanic might still have your back if you keep the receipts, sticking to the dealership gives you peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about technician mistakes since the dealership will cover that up as it was their technician handling the job. Some mistakes include:

  • Using the wrong brake fluid on your car
  • A mechanic failing to do an oil change but indicating that it was done
  • Accidents that happen during maintenance and damage parts of your car

If you cannot get to the dealership, you could look for satellite maintenance garages or certified mechanics. Most dealerships will give you the freedom to enjoy in-house maintenance from accredited mechanics and acknowledge everything that goes on during that maintenance.

To stay safe and avoid keeping long lists of receipts, you will be better off taking your car to the dealership or servicing at an accredited mechanic.