Ways to Remind Pet Owners about an Upcoming Appointment

Dog in a Veterinary ClinicEven the most organized person may forget important tasks from time to time. Life happens, so they say. But while it’s forgivable if you forget to buy milk on your way home, when you forget about an appointment with your client or double-booked a certain slot, problems ensue.

As a responsible veterinarian, do the following to keep your client’s schedule aligned with yours:

Give Out Reminder Cards

Consider it old school, but reminder cards for veterinarians get the job done. Send them out to clients to remind them of their next appointment, and once they see the card, they will not be likely to forget. Cards aren’t disregarded as easily as a reminder on one’s phone.

Synchronize Your Calendars

Though reminder cards have already been sent out, there’s no harm done in reminding clients of their appointment using online means. People today usually keep a calendar on their phone. It’s easy to invite them into an event that you can edit and update as needed. This way, even if you have to adjust your schedule, they won’t be kept out of the loop. One look into their calendar events and they already know when to take their pet to your clinic.

Send SMS Reminders

This one can stand on its own, or it can complement any of the other reminder options you already have in place. For instance, if you have set a calendar reminder for an appointment happening in three weeks, you can send out a message a week before the appointment to remind your client. If you know when reminder cards reach your client’s mailbox, you’ll also know the best time to send a message, so they don’t feel like you’re nagging them to go, but they’ll be thankful you reminded them before they make other plans.

It will be hard to keep track of the health of pets if they are not coming in for their appointments on time. Coordinate with pet owners to make sure pets get the care they deserve.