Improve Your Motoring Experience with Two Simple Hacks

mechanic doing a maintenance check on the carMany motorists must endure high car maintenance costs, not knowing that they have the power to lower them. By keeping your car in top shape and driving responsibly, you can make the prices affordable.

Next to the mortgage, car maintenance costs are the second largest budget item in many household budgets. A recent study by the AAA indicates that you’re likely to spend $8,000 a year or about $700 a month to keep a new car on the road.

Car repair experts in Alexandria will tell you that these costs are likely to skyrocket when driving a truck. On the other hand, if you drive a small sedan, you can keep your monthly expenses low. If you want to save money, these pointers will be of great help.

Keep a Regular Maintenance Schedule

If your average run by the car shop saddles you with a bill that runs into hundreds of dollars, this might not be the best advice. However, did you know that these outrageous bills might be your own doing? See, failing to adhere to the recommended routine maintenance schedule can hurt your wallet. For instance, skipping an oil change puts your entire engine at risk.

The oil loses its viscosity, which causes great heat and friction damage. The damage starts out small but compounds over time, which leads to the breaking down of significant parts. The need to replace the worn parts and repair extensive damages will always drive up costs every time you stop by the car shop.

Polish Your Driving Skills

Surprisingly, drivers are quite adept in coming up with ingenious ways to damage their cars while on the road. Aggressive driving is a leading cause of traffic road accidents, putting many lives on the line. Other than increasing your chances of suffering an injury, tailgating, careening around corners, and hard braking can ruin your car.

In addition to taking a toll on your car, you’re likely to incur extensive damages if you collide with another vehicle. If you’re continually making claims, your insurance premiums are expected to skyrocket.
While cars afford motorists the freedom to shuttle between places with ease, they can be a tremendous financial burden. With a little effort, you can keep your car maintenance costs from ruining your finances.