What to Do After Getting into a Motorcycle Accident

motorcycle accidentBeing involved in a motorcycle accident could be an immensely frightening ordeal, and it’s fairly common to feel overwhelmed and confused. Due to this, many people are unsure how to act or what to do following the accident. It’s extremely vital that you act promptly to ensure that your legal rights would be protected.

Provided that you’re not severely injured and could safely move, here’s what you should do following your motorcycle accident.

Call the Police or 911 Right Away

This is important so the responding officer could create a police report of the accident. You’ll need that as evidence for your claim later on. See if there are witnesses and if there are, get their account on the accident and take their names. Take many photos of the accident site, the vehicles involved, as well as your injuries. Get everyone’s contact information.

Be Careful When Talking to the Other Driver

You’ll probably need to talk to the other driver to get their contact details and insurance information, but don’t chitchat. Don’t apologize even if you believe that the accident was in some way your fault. Anything you say to the other driver might be used against you if you decided to file a claim, warns William R. Rawlings & Associates and other motorcycle injury attorney in Salt Lake City.

Get Medical Attention As Soon As Possible

This is important even if you think or feel that you’re unhurt because you might still be in shock and are numb to the pain. If you fail to get prompt medical attention and file a claim against the other driver, the other diver’s lawyers or insurance company might imply that your injuries are not real or significant enough since you didn’t seek medical care following the accident.

The last thing you need is to fret over legal deadlines and insurance policies, while you’re trying to recover from your injuries. Keep in mind that you should not say anything to anyone or sign anything before you have the chance to speak with an experienced lawyer to avoid compromising your claim.