Which States Have the Lowest Cost of Car Insurance?

Auto insurance policy and a keyNew Yorkers pay some of the lowest average prices for car insurance than most states in the country, as an average price of car insurance costs $98 every month.

The annual rate in the state costs around $1,173 on average. Nationwide, car owners spend around $125 every month on auto insurance. The actual amount varies for each person based on the value of their car, location, and income.

Deciding Factors

Other factors for determining the price of insurance premiums include your driving history, age, civil status, credit history, and years of driving a car. Some insurers may not use all of these factors when you apply for one, but you can be sure that the type of car you own will be a key price influencer.

If you live in NYC, Formula Motorsports explains that a Porsche tune-up service may not be covered under your policy. Most insurers excluded high-end cars from their coverage, so you would need to pay for it from your own pocket. This also applies to other kinds of vehicle insurance, such as those for mechanical breakdown.

Mechanical Insurance

A mechanical breakdown insurance (MBI) covers several car problems that would otherwise be excluded from a basic policy, including the transmission or electrical system failures. Some insurers require a car to be not more than 15 months old to qualify for an MBI coverage.

Take note that this only covers repairs not caused by accidents. If you’re unsure about the cost-efficiency of MBI premiums, you would need to anticipate the overall cost of a breakdown and see if it would cost more than the actual amount of payments within a certain period.

Remember that you don’t necessarily spend less even if you live in the state with the cheapest car insurance premiums. A good way to avoid the stress of filing for claims involves bringing your car to an auto shop for regular inspection and maintenance.