Vein Specialists and Questions to Ask Them

Vein specialist checking a woman's legThe veins play an important role in the human body. They’re the roads that allow blood to pass through the whole body and back to the heart and are responsible for keeping us well-nourished and healthy. But, because they’re not as visible or as huge as other organs in the body, damages in the vein often go unnoticed or are neglected, which may lead to more severe conditions.

Deep vein thrombosis, as well as the presence of varicose and spider veins, are just some of the most common signs you need to see a vein clinic in Miami as soon as possible. For some, such symptoms can be neglected. But for others, these symptoms pose a more severe health threat and should be addressed immediately. Abella Health and other experts add that asking the right questions can help you get a clearer picture. Here are some examples:

What is your diagnosis of my condition?

Searching your symptoms on Google can give you an idea of what you’re suffering. But, you’re not a doctor. Asking a vein specialist on what their official diagnosis should always be done. Never self-diagnose.

How do you plan to treat or manage it?

There are different ways to manage venous conditions. Some would have to wear compression stockings and follow certain exercises, while others need to undergo sclerotherapy or even laser treatments to manage their condition. It all depends on the doctor’s diagnosis and your personal preference.

Will I be able to get back to my normal routine?

People who wear compression stockings can get back to their normal routine while wearing it. Those who underwent sclerotherapy or laser treatments might need to take some time off heavy exercises and would have to follow their doctor’s orders more strictly.

Suffering from venous conditions? Pay your doctor a visit and see how you can manage it before things get worse.