Making a Career Out of Nails and Fingers

manicured and pedicured nailsFor many people interested in having a career in the beauty industry, there are many possibilities and opportunities the industry offers them. One of the most promising is that of a nail technician. Training and certification are essential in becoming skilful in nail care.

A pedicure and manicure course in a London school form the foundation of a great career in the beauty industry. Many students learn how to apply nail polish and prepare the nail surface for polish application. There are the other courses these schools offer as part of their manicure and pedicure training.

Sanitation and Safety

A nail technician is required to work with filing, cutting and cleaning tools. Hygiene and safety is a crucial part of your work. A sanitation and safety course teaches proper tool and workstation cleaning and sanitation techniques. You learn how to minimise the risk of infection of various diseases among your clients and protect yourself from the same illnesses.

Nail Repairs, Fill-Ins, and Tips

This course primarily enables you to work with acrylic nails. You will learn how to apply acrylic nails on the nail tip or natural nail bed and fill the areas between natural and acrylic nails and blend them well. You will also learn how to remove acrylic nails and fix cracks and defects in the acrylic nail using artificial components.

Hand Massage Techniques and Additional Nail Treatments

There are many nail treatments that a student can learn in a beauty school. Paraffin treatments, aromatherapy, massage, reflexology and nail art are among some other special procedures some schools include in this course. Nail art includes using decorative elements to enhance your nail polish; paraffin treatments include the use of hot paraffin to relive various conditions such as arthritis.

Armed with the above knowledge and skills, you are sure to be the best nail technician in the field. You can work efficiently in beauty salons, spas, and resorts and provide your clients with the best beauty treatment you can provide.