Hurt by Drunk Driving in Oklahoma? Get the Justice You Deserve

Car accidentIf you or a family member has been hurt due to drunk driving, you’re not alone. Every year, experienced car accident attorneys help thousands of families that suffer because of people who are driving under the influence of alcohol.

Driving under the influence destroys lives, but despite this, more than one in a hundred Oklahoma citizens admit to having driven their car when they had consumed alcohol in the past. From 2003-2012, about 2,205 people were killed in Oklahoma by drunk drivers.

An experienced car accident lawyer in Oklahoma shares some pieces of information about drunk driving.

Driving Law

Blood/alcohol concentrations for the state are .08% for persons aged 21 and above. For youths under 21, the presence of any amount of alcohol is illegal. Breathalyzer tests are mandatory because when a driver obtains a license, it is assumed that he agrees to follow the laws and would submit to a breath test if asked. This is called implied consent. Drivers who refuse will be arrested, fined, and have their license suspended.

Sobriety checkpoints on highways allow law enforcement officers to stop and check if drivers are compliant. A police officer can also stop a driver if he or she believes the driver is intoxicated, for example, because the car is swerving or running red lights.

Punitive Action Against Drunk Drivers

Although limits for adults are 0.8, they can still be prosecuted if they have a .05 blood/alcohol level and they can be fined up to $500. They may even spend a year in jail. Repeat offenders will face a stiffer punishment. A second arrest for drunk driving over 0.8 can incur a $2,500 fine and up to seven years in jail.

Drivers who cause injuries, disability, or death to another person because of drunk driving will spend a longer time in jail and even face a life sentence.

If a relative has sustained disabilities or died because of someone else’s choice to drink and drive, a car accident lawyer can help you file a claim, get compensation and ensure that the person responsible is held accountable. There are ways to prevent reckless driving but if these are ignored, there will be legal consequences.