manicured and pedicured nails
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Making a Career Out of Nails and Fingers

May 28, 2018

For many people interested in having a career in the beauty industry, there are many possibilities and opportunities the industry offers them. One of the most promising is that of a nail technician. Training and […]

Girl suffering from depression
Health Watch

Teenage Depression & When to Ask for Help

May 22, 2018

Do you have a teenager who’s always in an angry or quiet mood, always keeping to himself? Are you wondering if his behavior is normal for his age or if it’s time to ask for […]

Couple looking at a listing

How to Use Your Real Estate Investments to Defer Taxes

May 18, 2018

Real estate investments remain to be one of the most advantageous ways to increase wealth and reduce taxes. Benefits include implementing 1031 exchanges for deferring taxes on like-kind properties and borrowing against property equity for […]

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Divorce & Your Life: 3 Important Things to Consider

May 15, 2018

Deciding to pursue a divorce can cause significant changes in your life. It will not just affect you and your partner’s relationship, but also your ties with friends, relatives, and other people involved. The upheaval can […]