The People Who Put a Video Game Together (And What You Need to Be One of Them)

video game controllerMany industries have grown exponentially in the past few years. Among the fastest-growing in the entertainment world is the video gaming industry.

There are numerous tasks behind the scenes before a video game is finally on the market. Professionals behind the scenes in this industry have a background in game design. Game design is in fact among the most lucrative degree courses in Singapore universities.

Here are the various career opportunities open to you with this degree.

Game Animation

A game animator uses 2D and 3D design skills to bring models and characters to life. Animation for video games was sometimes traditionally self-taught, but the cinematic nature of contemporary games calls for advanced skills.

Being a game animator is a delicate mix of technical understanding, and sheer creativity. The job satisfaction it offers is also unmatched.

Game Audio Engineering

Engineers in the gaming industry develop a game’s audio effects, voice tracks, and soundtrack. The craft of integrating the right audio into a game has constant technological advancements, and hence it is essential to regularly update one’s skills in this area.

Game Designing

In order to create a game’s universe, you need to have a creative mind. Designing a game involves working with various experts to bring concepts into life and form an enjoyable experience. This involves creating the gameplay, apart from making a visual masterpiece from scratch.

A game programmer puts in the audio, special effects and all aspects of the game together in a meaningful way. Designing games is one of the most rigorous but job satisfying careers.

Besides having an avenue to exercise your creativity and sharing to your fellow gamers a world you have imagined, you bring enjoyment and happiness to people’s lives — you create experiences; you bud childhoods. And, that’s something you can’t put a price tag on.