The Benefits of Petroleum Recovery Services

Drums containing used oilMany industries use oil in bulk as a matter of course, so they have systems for storing and disposing of them. However, they are far from the biggest source of used oil.

Ordinary people are small volume generators of used oil, and they discard thousands of gallons every year. Most have no idea how to dispose of them properly. Petroleum recovery services take them away, and that is all they need to know. That should not be.

It is important to understand the importance of recycling used oil so that people will be more mindful of their used oil. Here are some of the top benefits.

Environment protection

If you are tempted to pour down the used oil from your last oil change down the drain, resist it. Waste oil can make its way to the water supply. Just a gallon of oil can contaminate a million gallons of water. Waste oil can also make its way into the dry land, which is bad for plant life because it keeps the soil from absorbing water.

Energy generation

Recycling just two gallons of used oil can run a typical household for a full day. While most households run on electricity rather than oil, about 25% of power plants that supply electricity to houses run at least partly on oil. Sending out your used oil for recycling means more available oil for power plants.

Cost cutting

Used oil is refined oil with contaminants. Removing these contaminants to produce one gallon of oil through the recycling process costs about one-third of refining crude oil to produce the same amount. This means lower costs for producing oil that you can use for your car, home, or business.

Petroleum recovery services make it easy for ordinary people and households to get rid of used oil. By that simple act, you take part in making the most of this valuable resource. The next time you have even just a couple of gallons of used oil around, make an effort to send it out for recycling. You protect the environment, maximise a limited resource, and cut fuel costs.