Of Juvenile Laws and Attorneys: Finding the Right One

Lawyer speaking with clientsA person who molested and drowned a 3-year-old girl while high on methamphetamine is put on juvenile facilities and has been there for more than two decades. Donald Schmidt, was 16-years-old when he was sentenced for the crime that he committed, but unlike other murderers, his sentence is much lighter. All because he is not yet of legal age.

According to the law, juveniles are not considered capable of committing a criminal offense. This has both a positive and negative implication on the justice system, depending on the crime committed. Because juvenile cases have a different approach from standard ones. Finding a skilled juvenile attorney in Albuquerque is a must.

Finding juvenile attorneys

1. Board certification

A juvenile attorney is someone who is licensed by the federal state government to represent such cases. Like other fields of law, certification has to be attained before one can practice the field.

2. Experience

Unlike standard law followed by adults, a juvenile law has its own set of criteria, rights, and punishment in handling legal issues. In short, a good set of knowledge, skills, and understanding of the juvenile law is needed. Aside from having good paper standing, it is also important to find a lawyer who has handled such cases. Having a good amount of experience can help you make sure that your loved one’s case is in good hands.

3. Reputation

Like other professionals, a lawyer’s reputation can have a huge effect on the outcome of the case. To know more about it, getting reviews from previous clients and researching about previous cases he has handled can give you a glimpse of his professional image.

No one wants to be entangled with the law, but it is a reality that could happen to anyone at any age. Therefore, educating yourself about such matters would truly be of great help.