Is Assisted Living Right For You?

Seniors relaxing in a nursing homeAn assisted living facility is one of the many living options for seniors in Ogden. Some communities also cater to individuals with developmental disabilities no matter their age. Facilities like these are designed to help provide personal care services, housing, and healthcare to individuals who need minimal assistance and supervision with their daily care and activities. They promote independent living in a safe environment.

Although the services offered in assisted living facilities differ from state to state, most offer private or shared living accommodations, meals, security, supervision, and assistance with daily activities. Some facilities also offer medication management, social activities, transportation, intensive memory care, and even additional nursing services.

How Does Assisted Living Differ From Nursing Homes?

There are many similarities between nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Both senior living options endeavor to keep the individuals living in their communities healthy, happy, and safe. They also offer medication management because they know and understand the dangers of mistakes with medications. Social activities that aim to enrich the residents’ social and spiritual well-being, supportive services like transportation, laundry, and housekeeping, healthy meals, and a secure environment are some of the other services both types of senior living communities offer.

While they have many similarities, they still have key differences such as the type and level of care and services that are required. Seniors living in nursing homes are normally the ones with serious health conditions that require the medical attention of a nurse or a physician around the clock.

Assisted living community residents, on the other hand, only need custodial care, such as individuals with mobility issues who only need someone to help them transfer from one place to another. Furthermore, there is a huge difference in how both facilities appear. The appearance of assisted living facilities is more inviting than nursing homes because their residents can live and function more independently. In fact, they look more like upscale apartment communities.

Who Lives In An Assisted Living Facility?

Most residents of assisted living communities are seniors who are relatively still in good health but need some assistance with housekeeping, transportation, and other daily activities. They are still capable of taking care of themselves to some extent and do not need round-the-clock care and monitoring like nursing home residents do. Some assisted living facilities are also licensed to care for people with mental difficulties.

Final Thoughts

For senior citizens who don’t need or want to be confined to a nursing home but still need more care and assistance than independent living, assisted living is the best option for them.