The most important accessory

Beautiful Lady SmilingOne of the most important accessories is one that people cannot take off, ever. So, if it’s not looking good, it can affect behaviour and mood. The smile is people’s number one non-verbal communication tool, and it has become easy and convenient to keep it in great shape with the benefits of cosmetic dentistry in Northern Ireland.

Advances in dental research, equipment, techniques and materials mean that in Northern Ireland, cosmetic dentistry has become easily available from dentists such as Blue Sky Dentistry.

People can come into their dentist and ask for help with specific problems. Not only do teeth decay and suffer from gum disease, but they also suffer damage through accidents and general wear and tear.

Even minor imperfections can get people down. If there are chips or cracks, stains or mild misalignments on the front six teeth, they are very hard to hide. These teeth are known as the ‘social teeth’ because the four incisors and two canines on either side of them are the teeth most on view when people are talking. Everyone can see when there is a problem with one of these teeth.

Fortunately, there are plenty of treatments, some more invasive than others, that can fix problems and give people a beautiful warm smile that they will want to use a lot.

Smiling is such an important thing to be able to do with confidence. That smile that says hello on first meeting someone tells them about warmth and friendliness. No smile, or even one with a closed mouth, indicates coldness and probably an unwillingness to be accommodating.

Inside the body, the smile also plays a vital role. A genuine smile that includes crinkling up the eyes releases vital feel-good chemicals in the body, such as serotonin, the chemical that makes people feel happy and beta endorphin, the one that makes them feel connected. Not enough smiling can lead to isolation and depression.

Dentist make suggestions for ways to improve smiles, when they are working on other more health-related teeth issues. But patients are also encouraged to come in and ask for cosmetic dentistry in Northern Ireland to help with issues that are making them too self-conscious to smile.