Dealing with Difficult People in the Office

Office colleagues having meetingHave you ever encountered challenging persons at work who steal the positivity out of you and ruin your mood? Then there’s that urge in you to retaliate or to get even with them. However, whatever you want to do, pause first.

Here are some tips that you might find handy when you encounter such kind of individuals:

Ask yourself: “Are they really worth it?”

Listen to that voice inside you asking this question. You have to keep in mind that you can divert your attention to other things rather than fight them back. It’s not easy since you wouldn’t want to be bullied by such horrible beings. Just tell yourself, “I still have better things to do than fight this one.”

Keep your cool

Don’t fight fire with fire. Instead of getting into a heated argument with them, ignore them. If you’ll let them see that you are not affected by their taunting or actions, they will just give up and leave you be.

Confront the bullies (safely)

If you think that this one particular officemate or officemates are constantly already bullying you, appropriately confront them. But if verbal or physical abuse is already happening, seek assistance from your company or authorities. Sometimes these bullies need help themselves. There are behavioral health companies that can offer help for them.

It’s nothing personal

While you tend to be the cheerful person that you are, there are those who ignore your greetings. Some may even pass you by the hallway as if you don’t exist in their eyes. Don’t take it personally. There are just others who behave that way. You just have to stop overthinking that they don’t like you.

These tips are just general and may not apply to every situation that you might be facing. However, one thing you have to do is to make yourself stronger by becoming the bigger person than them.