Three Party Ideas for Singaporeans

Young People Celebrating by the BeachYou don’t need to be a celebrity to throw an awesome party, but you can, of course, invite prominent people to your event. Expectations will be high, and guests will want the best. That means you need to choose the venue and the catering wisely.

Here are some ideas for three kinds of parties Singaporeans will surely want to attend:

Countdown Party

This is a party that does not rely on location, as the countdown to a specific event or deadline is what you are celebrating. For example, a New Year countdown party could have everyone throwing their hats off to the year that has passed and waving their drinks to the year that has just arrived. If you’re planning this kind of event, you need to choose a good venue in advance, as most of them will be booked by Christmas.

House Party

Hosting a party at a nice, big house or apartment is definitely one for the books. Rent a house in an A-List neighbourhood and give it an exclusive vibe. With the right elements, you can make the party just like the fun, crazy parties in Hollywood films. Drinks will be plentiful, and you can have a band or a DJ to perform and get the crowd going.

Pool Party

This is a fun party you can schedule every weekend if you want. Pool parties are a great way to unwind and just have fun. Because of the theme, there’s no need to dress up in a fancy attire and bother with a full face of makeup. Just ask everyone to show up in their favourite swimwear, fill the pool with noodles and floaters, and you are good to go.

Who says you need to be someone famous to throw an awesome party? If you choose the right venue or theme, you can hold one anytime.