Strengthen the Bond: Planning the Weekend with Your Buddies

Woman raising her hands as she feels the sunFriendship is something that grows when your nurture it properly and give it the love it deserves. Like being in a relationship, friendship can be hard work. Every member of the group should work hard on it or otherwise, it will wither and eventually die. Good thing, there are many ways you can nurture your friendship.

One of the most obvious ways you can do is to plan a weekend bonding. Seeing each other frequently contributes to the strengthening of an existing bond. If you are planning to hold one soon, here are some ideas you might want to take into consideration:

Out-of-town trips

If you have the budget and your gang wants to go somewhere else, try something exciting by going to the beach or national park. added that you might also want to visit a terrain park near Chicago. There are many things you can do, such as swimming, river cruises, and ziplining.


If drinking cocktails and draft beer are starting to get boring, you might want to try something different. Why not go for a brunch? Seeing your friends in the morning may be more exciting than you think. You can host a potluck brunch party if you are rooting for convenience.

Movie marathon

After the brunch, you may want to have a movie or a TV series marathon. Binge-watching does not always have to be done on your own. If you want, you can invite your friends over and have the marathon overnight. Stock up on the essentials, such as snacks and drinks. You may want to have a small game before starting the marathon.

Make your friendship blossom more by cultivating it with the right bonding experience. Have another plan in mind? Tell your friends about it!