Understanding Plastic Surgery: Separating Myths from Facts

Doctor explaining to the client her plastic surgery procedureThe public has an oversimplified definition of plastic surgery. Most of them think that the procedure is only focused on improving one’s appearance. With this, people have created numerous ideas and beliefs surrounding the said operation. Sadly, more than half of what they know about it is not true. To help dispel some of these, here’s a list of reality about plastic surgery:

Cosmetic Surgery & Plastic Surgery are the Same

People are often confused between cosmetic and plastic surgery. Many of them claim that these two procedures are the same.

Although they are indeed related in some ways, plastic surgery is focused more on reconstruction and restoration of damaged body parts due to disorders, accidents, and other types of trauma. Cosmetic surgery, on the other hand, deals with the aesthetics or improvement on person’s appearance.

Plastic Surgery is a Dangerous Procedure

Compared to the time it was first introduced, plastic surgery has become safer and quicker to accomplish, leaving the patient with little to no risk. Another progress is that the procedures are now leading to non-invasive surgeries.

Plastic Surgery is Only for Women

According to many plastic surgeons in Salt Lake City, this belief is rooted from women’s fixation to beauty and aesthetics. People forget the fact that this operation also deals with the reconstruction, repair, and treatment of damaged body parts. It’s not exclusive to a specific gender group. As long as there’s a need for this procedure, anyone could undergo it.

Only the Rich and Privileged Could Afford It

One of the most common misconceptions about plastic surgery is that only few can afford it. If you look at the overall statistics of patients who received underwent both surgeries, most of them are from the middle-class. A majority of the procedures performed are inexpensive, especially the non-surgical ones. Unless you’re planning to undergo multiple types of operations, that’s the only time you have to shell out cash.

Don’t get blinded by what you hear about plastic surgery. If you look closer at what it can do, you’ll be surprised at how advantageous it could be to you. Hopefully, the above facts have provided you with a clearer and better understanding of it.