AAO Clarifies Misconceptions Surrounding Orthodontic Treatments

Dental Patient having her teeth checkedMyths have existed in healthcare, and orthodontic treatment has not escaped such false beliefs. The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) sought to correct these misconceptions.

As part of National Orthodontic Health Month in October, the AAO clarified several myths surrounding the cost of having braces and the amount of time needed to undergo treatment.

Busted Myths

In terms of costs, the AAO described the price of treatment as “expensive in the eye of the beholder“. A patient may consider a specific procedure to be more or less expensive compared to another person. However, each patient requires a unique method because not all cases are the same.

If you still worry about the price, many specialists have offered flexible payment options to help with your budget. Another common myth about orthodontics involves the time it takes to complete a treatment. The AAO said that your case would determine the timeframe for the procedure, such as the placement of braces. While there have been many options that promise results after a few months, be aware that it may only straighten your teeth without bite correction.

Dental Braces

The AAO suggested that parents should bring their children for an orthodontic checkup when they turn seven. An early examination allows the orthodontist to detect problems at an early stage. Some of these issues include a child having very few or too many teeth and improper growth of their jaw.

The AAO advised patients to seek treatment only from certified dentists, whether they are orthodontists in Fredericksburg, VA or other cities. Not all patients undergo treatment for cosmetic reasons, and braces are not the only service offered by professionals.

It pays to be well informed about orthodontic treatments. After all, a good set of teeth provides more than just a bright smile.