5 Warning Signs That Your Car Needs a Brake Service

Man fixing the brake system of the carHaving a busy lifestyle is a major reason most vehicle owners forget to take their vehicles to a service shop for a routine checkup. According to statistics, brake system failures contribute to 5% of the total accidents every year in the U.S. This makes regular vehicle maintenance extremely important.

As a vehicle owner, one of the most important safety measures you should take is ensuring that the brake system is properly maintained. There are various signs that could help you know if it’s time to take your car to a service shop for brake repair in Lakewood, CO. Here are some of them:

Your car pulls to one side

Probably, you often notice that your car pulls to one side after applying brakes, but you can never tell the cause of the problem. This problem may be caused by brake fluid leakage or collapse of the brake hose. If you notice this sign, then you should have your car checked immediately.

Unusual vibration

When you notice that your car has abnormal vibrations when you step on the brake, then this could indicate that it needs repair. In most occasions, the main cause of the abnormal vibration is warped brake rotors.

You hear unusual noise when braking

When you hear some grinding or howling noise when braking, then this could mean the brake pad has worn out or the brake calipers are rubbing together. Therefore, you should consider taking your car for a checkup to avoid those irritating sounds and improve safety.

The brake pads appear too thin

Of course, if your brake pads appear too thin then this means you need to replace them. When the pads become too thin, the braking effect could reduce and this may expose you to danger.

Reduced responsiveness

If you notice that there is no response after pushing your brake pedal slightly, then you brake could be worn out. To be safe, you should ask an experienced mechanic to check your brake system and do the necessary fixes.

These are just some of the indicators that your car’s brake system needs repair or replacement. Avoid problems and accidents by keeping your car parts in good condition.