Why You Should Aspire to Be a Legal Nurse Consultant

Nurses studying to become an LNCA legal nurse consultant is a registered nurse qualified to give advice on legal cases. They bridge the gap between law and medicine. The field of legal nurse consultation has only been around since the 1980’s. However, it is gaining more steam as of late. Lots of registered nurses become legal consultants. Here are the reasons why:

Countless Opportunities

Legal nurse consultants are valuable in many industries. They could help in court cases like personal injury and medical malpractice. Insurance companies also need their expertise on workers’ compensation and disability cases. Government agencies can also need them for state agency defenses and healthcare billing claims. In hospitals, they can handle risk and case management, and licensure issues.

Great Pay

Legal nurse consultants out-earn their registered nurse counterparts. In 2015, their average wage was $77,000. As for entry-level consultants, their yearly income ranges from $50,000 to $81,000. The more experienced legal nurse consultants could make up to $211,000.

Some legal nurse consultants also manage to build lucrative practices over time. They can become witnesses in legal court proceedings. These could net them a salary of $247 per hour.

Bright Outlook

The future is bright for legal nurse consultants. The yearly rise in medical malpractice cases proves the high demand for this occupation. In addition to this, the field of healthcare is expected to grow faster than other sectors in America in the next decade.

Pursuing to be a legal nurse consultant holds many great promises. But then again, it will take hard work to reach the pinnacle of success. It is important to take your time to gain valuable experience and increase your stock.