Fill the Gap: Improve the Look and Function of Your Teeth with Dental Bridges

Woman having her teeth fixedGaps between the teeth cause more than insecurity and embarrassment. Adjacent teeth might incur damage eventually. They will drift toward the empty space. There may be bone resorption in the long term. In some cases, bite problems or malocclusion develops.

Fortunately, a cosmetic dentist here in Manteca can help prevent the development of complications due to missing teeth with dental bridges.

A fixed replacement

A dental bridge acts as the name suggests, which is to connect one tooth with another. Contrary to dentures, used for decades to fill in the gaps left by missing teeth, bridges are fixed replacements. Because they are fixed, you must never decide to have them lightly.

Types of bridges

A conventional bridge consists of false teeth in between two crowns. The false teeth serve to fill the gap, while the abutment teeth (i.e. the crowns) serve to anchor the structure on either side.

Because they attach the crowns to the teeth, which are still standing in place, the dentist has to remove parts of teeth to secure the attachment. This type of dental bridge often receives praise from people who wear them because they function effectively and are durable

A Maryland bridge is a cantilever bridge and known as a resin bonded bridge as well. All-porcelain restorations are the best looking of them all. While this type of bridge is easiest to apply, it may not last long. The wings on the back of adjacent teeth characterize this kind of dental bridge.

For the best part, their applications are mostly for temporary restorations because they are susceptible to fracture.

As you can imagine, flossing teeth is difficult if you are wearing dental bridges. Nevertheless, they are relatively easy to maintain. Floss-threaders often do the trick. If you fail to maintain good oral hygiene, you may have to spend for another dental bridge again.

The dentist may suggest a replacement if there is decay or any kind of damage.