How to Put a Stop to Dental Decay Before It Causes More Damage

Woman experiencing sudden oral painAlthough the prevalence of tooth decay and cavities have decreased over the last several years, as many as 92% of adults between the ages of 20 and 64 still suffer from the condition. And to make matters worse, about 5% of the entire adult population in the United States has no teeth due to tooth decay.

As this oral health concern continues to affect both children and adults in the country, consumers should already realize just how important preventive care and routine professional check-ups are in maintaining optimal oral health. Through the treatments and serviced offered by an accredited dental office, you and your family can keep both short- and long-term issues at bay, particularly tooth decay.

Cavities: The root of dental evil

When you continue disregarding plaque that has accumulated on the teeth, you can soon expect it to cause cavities. The longer you wait to have it treated, the bigger the mess it’ll cause on the enamel – the outermost layer of hard tissue covering the teeth. The enamel starts to disintegrate, allowing bacteria to penetrate in the cracks, fractures, and holes.

Once they’ve passed through the enamel, they can cause even more damage, as the inside of the teeth contain the pulp and nerves. Damage to these parts almost always results in pain, inflammation, and gum infection.

Stopping decay before it makes its way through the enamel

Cavities don’t cause pain right away, not while the damage is limited to the enamel. This is one of the reasons many people think they don’t have cavities at all, when in fact, their teeth is already under attack. This is also one of the primary reasons to never miss out on your regular dental check-ups, as only an oral health care professional can determine the initial signs of cavities.

No one is born with tooth decay, and you can always do something to prevent it. With proper hygiene and regular visits to the dentist, you can live a health, tooth decay-free life.