Choose Local: Put Your Brand on the Map

Man doing PPC on his laptopAny startup has one goal: to make it big. When you’re starting small, naturally, you don’t want to stay small. But in the current marketing landscape, there actually is more money in going local.

Do these things to help you be on the local map:

Use Paid Search

PPC marketing is one of the expenses you won’t regret when you’re starting out. It puts you out there, visible for searchers in your area. Target local keywords with a good amount of traffic, to increase your visibility. Don’t worry about the cost–you only pay for the clicks that go through your website. That’s why it’s called pay-per-click marketing, after all.

Join Startup Week

Denver has an annual startup week, a platform you can use to draw attention to your brand. This year’s Startup Week will be held in September, and registration is now open. Don’t take too long to register, as the slots may run out fast. Denver is home to so many startups and each one is vying for a spot. If you make it to startup week, you can meet influencers and other entrepreneurs who might be interested in doing business with you. It’s a great way to turn competitors into friends, and both of you will benefit from the connection.

Collaborate with Local Brands

Don’t focus on beating your competition, especially when they have clear advantages over you. Instead, work on building your connection. Find other brands and forge friendships with them. Collaborate on an item that you can market on both companies’ channels. It’s like getting twice the amount of followers and reaching more people with the same effort. And you didn’t even need to spend money on smear campaigns.

Your business benefits from some local attention. You want that attention to be good, so use the right methods to get started.