Party Tent Rentals: The 3 Best Options for Your Next Shindig

White party TentsWhile there are many event venues to choose from in Texas, many people are seeing the advantages of renting a party tent for their next shindig. Apart from seeing it as a blank canvas that they can spruce up any way they like, party tents also come in various options. Avalon Event Rentals, for instance, offers the whole range of party needs – from tents to staging needs, dinnerware, and dance floors. That’s one way to manage convenience. In looking for party tent rentals, here are three options to keep in mind.

The Pole Tent

This type of party tent usually comes with more than one peak, hence the name. It’s one of the beautiful and chic party tents available for weddings. Applicable for both morning and evening affairs, it gives an event a more sophisticated look when dressed in hundreds of lights for evening events.

The Sail Cloth Tent

It’s quite a new option but is soon gaining popularity. As the name suggests, this type of party tent rental makes use of sailcloth, instead of vinyl. For support, a sail cloth tent has wooden poles instead of the usual metal. The popularity of this party tent lies in its translucent fabric, which makes it glow all the more. It’s a beautiful tent for almost any type of event imaginable.

The Clear Tent

This type of party tent utilizes a clear vinyl top, which is a good option for an event with a garden or outdoor theme. Guests can enjoy the outdoor scenery without worrying about falling leaves, winds, and other weather elements that could affect event proceedings.

Think of party tents as a part of the theme. It can carry different designs. And best of all, there are party tent styles that allow guests to enjoy the great outdoors without the heat, which is perfect for spring parties. On top of customization, it is relatively more affordable than renting out an entire venue for a night.