The Truth about Botox and Why You Should Stop Fearing It

Woman having a botoxBotox is one of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures in the UK today. This does not change the fact that many still feel wary about the treatment, due to the media and society’s often misleading opinion.

The truth is Botox can be safely administered under professional supervision, and medical professionals approve its use for various health-related problems. The first step to safely pursuing Botox is looking for a licensed, accredited and experienced provider.

Let the following information shed some light on Botox treatments:

Can Botox really help minimise wrinkles?

Yes, it can and it will, as long as administered properly and by an experienced professional. It does not just work on wrinkles. It also temporarily minimises the appearance of several other skin ageing signs, including crow’s feet, forehead lines and frown lines.

How does it reduce these symptoms of ageing?

Wrinkles, crow’s feet, forehead lines and frown lines gradually develop over time. You may not notice it, but you contract certain muscles hundreds of times on a daily basis.

Botox injections, in very small doses, have a temporary paralysing and weakening effect on these muscles.  When administered in the right amount, the drug restricts their movement. This restriction relaxes the muscles, which leads to the smoothing of the skin and drastically reduced appearance of folds or wrinkles.

Since it paralyses the muscles, you can also worry less about the development of new ones.

How much are injections?

Your overall costs depend on a number of factors. To set your expectation, there are various aspects contributing to its price, including the method of injection (per vial, per unit, or per area), the area of administration and the adequate number of injections.

As your final reminder, it is crucial to choose carefully and wisely who administers your Botox injections. Always remember to consult a licensed and experienced provider.