Have You Paid Attention to Your Car Tyres Recently?

Man checking the car tyreLike any responsible car owner, you may be taking care of your car by checking its fluids, the battery, the oil, and other maintenance practices, but have you given your tyres any attention? Tyres can easily be neglected given their durability, but once they burst, crack, or wear down, you will be left with a hefty cost for replacement.

Tyre Tracks noted that this wouldn’t happen if become a more responsible car owner. Make your tyres last longer through proper tyre care and save money. Here’s how:

Rotate the Tyres

To prolong the life of your tyres you need to remember three things: rotation, balance, and alignment.

In a rotation, you can have your tyres rotated by a professional. This is necessary since tyres wear differently depending on which part of the care they are located. Front tyres wear faster than rear tyres, for example. Rotation ensures tyre wear becomes even across all four tyres.

In balance, this ensures the smooth driving of your car. It also helps extend the life of the suspension and steering parts of your car.

Finally, by aligning your tyres, you ensure that you drive straight when you steer the wheel in the centre position. Proper alignment can also reduce tyre wear and keep you safe from unfortunate accidents.

Check the Pressure

You can also take care of your tyres by checking the pressure. Uniform tyre pressure at the right amount ensures the long life of your tyres, proper grip on the road, and balanced braking. Your car will come with a predetermined standard tyre pressure, and you can keep filling your tyres up to the standard.

Monitor Tread Depth

Finally, you have to check the tread depth of your tyres by looking at your car’s tyre tracks. The less your tyre’s tread depth becomes, the more ineffective your tyres will be at faster speeds. You can use a depth checker or gauge that can tell you to have your tyres replaced.

With the practices above, you can ensure the long life of your tyres. This way, you can save more and spend your money on other important matters.