The Maxima Car Parts to Replace after Two Years of Use

Man working on the car partsAll motor vehicles, regardless of maker or brand, will sustain wear and tear over time. This is a normal process that anything mechanical and electrical in nature undergoes. However, when you combine neglect to the formula, you can expect your car to show signs of disrepair sooner rather than later. And continued use of a fault automobile can — and will — put anyone at risk of preventable road accidents.

As part of your car maintenance strategies, you need to know when you should replace your Nissan Maxima car parts. Some require replacements after a couple of years, and these include the following:

The brakes

Replacement of your vehicle’s brake components is something you cannot delay. Always remember that this system is the only sure-fire way to stop your car immediately when you’re about to hit something or someone. You shouldn’t put off any needed part replacement.

A component that requires more frequent changes and servicing are the brake pads. Even when two years haven’t passed yet, it’s always a good idea to have your trusted mechanic inspect it for potential problems.


Radiator coolants prevent corrosion that can damage your vehicle’s cooling system. This anti-freeze serves many other functions. The more you use your car, the earlier you have to replace it — although a good time-line to follow is within two years. Don’t forget to make sure it remains contaminant-free, as dirt, debris, and other pollutants can wreak havoc to the air conditioner when allowed getting into the coolant.

There are many other parts of your Maxima that may require replacement earlier than their intended lifespan. Tires and fan belts are some other examples. Like with the aforementioned components, you need to change them without delays, as failure to do will only put you and other people at risk of getting or even causing a road accident.