When Do You Need an Orthodontist to Look at Your Teeth?

Orthodontist smiling and ready to workIt takes orthodontists several years of study, training and experience to be good at what they do. Upon consultation, they might know more about your oral health than you do and can offer a range of services to improve it.

By observing the following signs, you may be able to determine whether you need orthodontics in Hertfordshire:

You bite into a sandwich using one side of your mouth

Your molars are not meant to bite off a piece of food; they are for chewing. But if you use one side of your mouth to bite off a piece of apple, sandwich, pizza or whatever food you have, your front teeth and bite are probably not aligned enough to do their job. You need to see an orthodontist to find out how you can correct the problem it causes more complications.

Food gets stuck between your teeth all the time

Straight teeth usually have no problem chewing food. You can deal with the occasional stuck food particle with a piece of floss or by normal brushing. If you have crooked teeth, however, it may be extra-difficult to dislodge those food particles that are always getting caught in between your teeth.

Plaque forms too quickly despite your best efforts

You brush and floss regularly, just like your dentist told you to, yet it takes only a couple of weeks or a month before you notice the formation of plaque. This might be because your teeth are not straight or have wide gaps between them. That usually leads to more bacteria thriving between your teeth and in the grooves of your gums; hence, the quick formation of plaque.

You have TMJ issues

Most people do not realise that uneven teeth put unnecessary stress on the jawbone and muscles. This may force your TMJ, or temporomandibular joint, to become dislodged.

You may not know it, but you probably need an orthodontist to help you with an existing problem or to prevent one from developing or getting worse. Book an appointment right away to get the right solution to your dental problem.