SEO For Dentists: Study Reveals the Right Way to Look At It

SEO information on the notebooksMore than 50 per cent of the people today go online just to look for a local business or service provider, such as a dentist. This is something you should not ignore. Your goal is to be there when one of your potential patients Google their dental needs.

For most dentists, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be a frustrating matter. Most of them have experienced negative outcomes from under-delivering or over-promising SEO companies. This is why you have to find a reliable partner in improving your dental practice marketing to achieve optimum results. You see, SEO is not something that you should give up if you want your dental practice to reach more patients.

Patients Have Become Wiser with Google

Numerous tactics surround how patients look for a dentist online and there are methods to get one of them to contact your practice. Your potential clients use detailed phrases when searching for information about a dentist, dental practice or dental service. SEO agencies refer to these dental phrases, such as “Invisalign price London” as keywords that indicate buyer intent. Instead of searching for the usual “Invisalign London” in Google, patients are getting wiser by adding more words in order to get better search results.

There are more than 50 primary buyer intent phrases and more than 5,000 in total. These involve collections of phrases that include words such as wisdom teeth, oral, Invisalign, teeth whitening, sleep apnoea, cosmetic, orthodontics and TMJ. This could bring about huge breaks for dentists who want to get to the top of Google’s organic search results.

On-Page Content Optimisation

A portion of the equation is to constantly add more content that focuses on these buyers intent dental phrases. Gather your team and analyse potential phrases that patients would type in Google when searching for one of your treatments. Afterwards, develop content with the said phrases and post it on your website.

All of these might overwhelm you, which is why most dental practices just choose to hire a professional. Just make sure that this time, you choose the right SEO service provider.