Considering Braces for Your Children

Young girl smiling with her bracesThe recent developments in dentistry and orthodontics have made children receive corrective and preventive dental care very early. This helps them to make sure that their permanent teeth come up straight and perfect. This kind of dental treatment is reactive and proactive, as they can help fix the current issues and also help their teeth remain healthy all their lives.

Childhood is the best time

The best time to fix all dental issues is in the formative younger years of childhood. As the child grows older, correcting any dental issues can become difficult. Consult your dentist and know if your child needs any dental treatment such as braces or other corrective treatment. Many dental professionals can help fix braces in South Jordan and other places for your children. Correcting all dental problems in childhood will ensure that adult teeth come out correctly. This will also ensure that as an adult, you will face minimum dental problems.

When you will need braces

If your children have irregular teeth, crowded teeth, difficulty in biting, chewing, and have strangely proportioned jaw and teeth, etc., they might require braces. The pediatric dentist you consult for your child is the best person to call when your child needs braces. The advantages of braces are many and include improved ability to chew and eat properly, talk more clearly, develop good self-image and self-confidence, and have great adult teeth.

Braces planning

First, the dentist evaluates your child’s teeth. This will include bite impressions, photographs of the oral cavity, and x-rays to make sure that the treatment is documented. A mold of the child’s mouth will also be required. After completing the evaluation, a braces plan is made. There are many types of braces and retainers available. Your dentist will help you pick the right one for your child. You might have to take your child to the dentist on a regular basis for evaluation of the treatment, to tighten the wires, and a general checkup.

Once the treatment is completed, your child will possess a great and confident smile.