The CompTIA A+ Certification Exam: Study Tips and Tricks

Students taking the CompTIA A+ Certification ExamWhile the CompTIA A+ certification exam could be quite intimidating, studying for it and passing should be easy. That is if you keep these practical guidelines in mind so that you could sow up on exam day, confident and ready to go.

Do CompTIA A+ Practice Tests

What better way to build your confidence than answering a CompTIA A+ practice test, with real questions that you will encounter during exam day? This is also a good way to dive into some real-world problems and get a feel for the actual exam.

Don’t Just Buy a Desktop Computer, Build One!

The certification exam will test your knowledge on computer hardware, and what better way to get to know all hardware components than building a desktop computer. The time and muscle memory you could gain from this exercise will teach invaluable things that watching and reading simply can’t. It’s likewise a good way to boost your confidence on test day because you have actual, real world practice and not just theoretical practice.

Create a Test Lab

Repairing an actual computer is undoubtedly the best way to get a feel for the CompTIA A+ exam. Setting up your test lab is fairly easy and affordable to do; even a simple laptop would suffice. Practice simple and more complex tasks such as tweaking BIOS management and overclocking the CPU. This would greatly help you in solidifying the CompTIA A+ exam concepts.

Read and Understand the Objectives of the Exam

CompTIA always shares an easy to understand and very specific list of exam steps and objectives to help people like you prepare for the exam. Aside from giving you a peek into what you’re about to face, you also learn the things that you need to study so you could better manage your time when preparing for the exam.

You can certainly ace the CompTIA A+ exam with the right study resources and a lot of determination, and you’ll get that CompTIA A+ certification in no time. Just keep these guidelines in mind, practice, and don’t forget to relax from time to avoid feeling burned out.